Dr. David Neal, Founding Partner at Empirica Research, was commissioned by ARI Registry Services to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the commercial potential in the new Top-Level Domain program. The study found strong potential for entrepreneurs to monetise second-level domains within a new Top-Level Domain. The results showed:

  • Savvy entrepreneurs are poised to make multi-million dollar annual returns from the new Top-Level Domain program
  • SMBs want to register their web addresses under a new Top-Level Domain
  • There is huge potential to tap into the Chinese market with Chinese script domain names

This research report is the first ever study to investigate the commercial potential for entrepreneurs in the new Top-Level Domain program. It includes an analysis of the current state of the Internet and business landscape, a survey of 200 small and medium sized (SME) business owners, interviews with high profile entrepreneurs and Internet experts, and an example business model that demonstrates how a new Top-Level Domain could provide an entrepreneur with return on investment.

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Global press release

A press release about the research report can be found here.

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